New Year Goals: Personal

This is a quickie post to document my goals for this year.  I have spent a lot of time thinking and praying through some of the more unbalanced areas of my life.  The following goals, therefore, attempt to address these issues.

  1. Read one book a week: I asked (and received) lots of books for Christmas, and whilst I read some over the holidays, I still have a few to work my way through.  I want to include this as priority because the last few months I have not had time to read a menu let alone a whole book.  No more!
  2. Write 100 words per day, six days a week, on my book: A few months ago, I let the children read through the novel I have been working on for too many years.  They were bummed I hadn’t finished it (no ending!) and that really encouraged me to keep plugging away.  I’m about three quarters the way through, and am now at the point where I need more accountability to keep going.
  3. Time with Mum: I want to prioritise this.  Mum will be coming over for a Saturday night lasagne and ‘Monarch of the Glen’ episode, as usual, but I also wanted to find time to spend some one-to-one time with her, just chatting without any interruptions.  We will probably pop into town for a coffee once a week on a Saturday morning.
  4. Lose weight: My weight-loss (or lack thereof) is becoming a running joke in our house!  It is so incredibly hard when one loves food as much as I do.  That said, I am aware I need to give it less time in the limelight, and spend less time thinking about it.  I joined Slimming World in November, have started wearing my Fitbit again to track my steps and I am hoping to drag the whole family into a healthier life-style.
  5. Recreate my evening routine: I love our evening routine.  It consists of snuggling and reading to the little ones, grabbing a tea and bar of chocolate and snuggling down with Gary to watch whichever show we are currently embroiled in.  It’s warm, it’s cosy and it’s relaxing.  Thing is, once I start eating I can’t stop!  So I want to gradually change the routine in order to break the habit of eating my way through the night.