Wintery Seasons of Joy {February Week Two}

Welcome to my weekly Seasons of Joy post.  Thank you to everyone who sent me a message or email and shared what you are doing to make your seasons joyful.  I love what you all shared!  It’s giving me lots and lots to think about for future joyful-projects 🙂

It’s been a quiet week, really, and not terribly productive.  I’ve finished a couple more Christmas Stocking presents which I am very pleased about.  Again, I have to show them wrapped because my girls read my blog.  I am half way through another one, which will be done tonight.  Anyway, here is present number four:

And present number five (they are girlie presents so I need to add a different fifth one to it for Thomas):

Today the whole family spent the afternoon at a local town, which is steeped in history.  It still has buildings which are hundreds of years old, as well as cobbled pathways.  We only rarely go, but it is always a treat.  I split up from the rest of the family because I needed to get some supplies for my next Christmas stocking present.  The two craft shops have uneven wooden floors, low hanging ceilings and you have to duck when you go from one area of the shop to another.  I’ll have to take a photo next time I go, because I feel joy just entering it.  I managed to get everything I needed:

Can you guess what I might be making (the dress is an old dress which has been worn by all four girls and is so beautiful it was practically begging to be upcycled to something else 🙂   )

Something I really wanted to do was to put Lillie’s photography project above the TV in our bedroom.  I had sent off for a frame and was quite disappointed by the below par quality.  That said, I think it looks fine now it’s up on the wall, and Lil’s photos are perfect for our bedroom:

I’ve been making sure everyone takes a break each day to have an hour of quiet time.  I am getting quite a lot of reading done during this time:

These are the two books I am currently working my way through (for a second time).  I will be sharing a bit more in my next Hygge post, but I have been inspired by a couple of the chapters in the Little House Living book, which I hope to implement sometime in the coming week.  Loving my life!

What have you been doing to make sure this wintery season is a Season of Joy?