Wibbly Wobbly Weightloss – Losing weight the wibbly wobbly way: Week 3

Another week has flown by.  Is it me, or does time pass much quicker the older one gets.  It seems to me it was yesterday I was writing last week’s post.  My week has been purposeful in its pursuit of exercise and even when rain, thunder and lightening raged above, I was below trudging in soaking wet clothes for over an hour.  I was proud (and cold) and very grateful for the hot bath my children had kindly ran in for me awaiting my return.

I had to laugh this week when a friend texted Gary asking him if we’d had a falling out.  She had just seen Gary and the children driving up the road and then passed me trailing behind, walking as fast as my little legs could carry me.  I’m not sure, but I think she thought maybe Gary had turfed me out of the car(!) after an argument  and continued on to his destination without me!  She was relieved to hear I was just taking my daily exercise!!

I had my first compliment about my weight loss this week, which was gratifying considering I honestly don’t notice even the smallest of changes.  Thank you Lorna, I needed to hear that!

On the health front, we have whole-grained everything we buy.  We already ate brown, red and wild rice; whole grain couscous and whole grain bread and cereal, but whole grain pasta was one I had been back pedalling on.  After reading Phyllis’ post on steadying ones blood sugar and the role whole grains have, I began cooking pasta of the brown variety.  It doesn’t look as appetising but no one noticed the taste and I was able to serve everyone slightly less without the children noticing hunger-wise a few hours later.  So it definitely is a keeper as it kept us fuller for longer and we used less.

Thank you for all your input and advice last week.  May shared the secret of her weight-loss, which had been giving up dairy products when she became vegan.  She lost over 17kg and cycles to and from university.  This part of weight-loss excites me the most.  I want to exercise more, I enjoy it but my body really protests because of carrying the extra weight.  You’ve inspired me May – thank you!

I giggled at the amount of you who have also been guilty of asking the children to fetch things for them.  It seems a very home school mum thing to do!!  Kris, who you will all know from Weird Unsocialised Homeschoolers, has lost an amazing amount of weight and made a huge impact on her health in the process.  I know she will have heaps of wisdom and encouragement for those on a similar journey.  Last week Kris shared that running errands herself rather than asking the children was one of the key ways she increased her activity in the early days of her weight loss.  Kris now runs 5K marathons.  I find it very reassuring that even small steps make a big difference, it’s just a matter of keeping on making those small changes, one change at a time and amazing things will happen.

I was incredibly pleased to hear Ticia’s research into the health benefits of milk, and how skimmed milk is not always the best choice.  Having tried it last week, to say I was not impressed is an understatement.  I still can’t understand why they charge the same money for a milk primarily made of water!  Audria posted about her weight loss – another pound off even though she hurt her ankle.  Well done Audria!  This week she is going to be researching anti-inflammatory foods to help with possible arthritis.  I’m looking forward to all you learn Audria!  And Phyllis has saved us all a huge amount of work by doing some research about the healthiest proteins and posting it on her blog.  Check it out, it is FULL to the brim of goodness (no pun intended – well, okay, maybe it was intended.  A bit.)  Leah made a very interesting observation about her mum, who had always been on a diet of some sort.  Leah writes ‘Now as an adult looking back at pictures of her while I was growing up – she was beautiful, and quite trim. I’d like my girls to remember me as comfortable in my own skin, and happy as I am – but striving to be healthy.’  I couldn’t agree more, Leah.  I try to be careful about giving my girls unnecessary messages about a woman’s body.  I love the fact that when I tell them how beautiful they are, they just smile and reply that they know!

Lucinda, who has been walking with her pedometer, has lost weight even though she wasn’t trying too!  She also recommended Paul McKenna’s book, ‘I can make you thin’.  As she was trained by McKenna herself I’m certain the recommendation is an excellent one.  Francis took her walking one step forward and went for a jog!  Well done!!  I’m really wanting to jog again (I ran before Gary and I got married) but I’m not entirely sure my heart is up for that much exertion just yet!  I’ll be sticking with the walks for now, but have my eye on going for a jog soon(ish)!

Donna’s son made her a wonderful home cooked cobbler and she made the very sensible decision to help out with the eating of it!  I would so make the same choice Donna, good for you!!

I just weighed myself and I am weighing it at 3/4Ib less this week.  That’s 15Ib altogether.  To use Donna’s phrase – ‘slow and steady! – that’s me this week!  Gary has done a really good job this week and lost 1 1/2Ib.  You know, I can feel a bit of friendly rivalry coming on (which to anyone who knows us, won’t come as any surprise!).  Over to you.  How did you all do in your pursuit of healthfulness?  Please do share both victories large and small.  You never know, something you say may resonate with another reader and spur them on to greater health!  Thank you all so much for joining me on this journey and I hope you all have a great week ahead of you.