Wibbly Wobbly Weightloss – Losing Weight the Wibbly Wobbly Way: Week 9

I’m a bit late with this post, not to mention being a bit distracted by various birthdays and birthday parties this week.  Last night we had A6’s spa party and I’m exhausted.  Next time we’re going to a farm or something!  Well, probably not.  Knowing myself, as I do, I’ll have recovered by tomorrow and will be enthusiastically planning the next one!

I am a woman who has stayed the same this week, in more ways than one.  My weight is exactly the same as last week, and my nightly snacking habit shows no signs of abating.  With two birthdays I’m fairly pleased with the ‘staying the same’ weight-wise, but I am bit disappointed in my efforts not to snack.  It is such an ingrained habit, that to sit down and watch a dvd with Gary sans snack feels wrong!  This is going to be a harder habit to break than I first thought and, apart from increasing my activity, is probably the main hurdle to me losing weight.  So I’ve got me a plan.

I was intending sharing this plan today, but honestly, I’m too tired.  We (Gary and the three eldest children) are off to a 50th birthday party tonight.  I’m just hoping Gary and I don’t fall asleep on the table!  And I’ve still got work to do for next week’s school.  Bring on the ready-made curricula after Christmas.  Have I mentioned I’m tired?

All you lovely people who left me such kind comments yesterday – I will be replying and visiting your blogs just as soon as I come back to the world of the living!  How on earth did I manage without sleep for so long??

Please do feel free to give this post some substance by sharing how your week went and join me in being ‘naughty snack free’ next week because I really do have me a plan…….