Wibbly Wobbly Weightloss – Losing Weight the Wibbly Wobbly Way : Week 10

So…I’m in a charity shop en mass with five children and husband.  A6 runs up to me, having picked up a stethoscope, and held the stethoscope end to my tummy whilst trying to hear my heart beat.  I said jokingly ‘Are you listening to my tummy?’  She giggled and ran off to listen to Gary’s tummy.  Mean while a lady walked up and smiled and nodding towards my tummy she asked how many I had in there.  Eh?  I’m not sure who was more embarrassed when I answered ‘none!’.  Relaying the story to Gary minutes later outside the shop, I giggled whilst trying to explain that I wasn’t upset she thought I might be pregnant (after all I know I’m overweight and frankly I felt too sorry for her to be annoyed), but I was a little concerned she thought there might be more than one in there!  I mean, come on people, I’m not that big!!

That said, it has definitely seemed like I might be eating for three this week.  I have been particularly hungry, particularly busy with a hugely successful school week, and it is THAT time of the month.  Maybe I do look like I’m pregnant with twins.  Gary assures me I don’t, on the basis that he has seen me pregnant with twins and end of bus comes to mind.  That and the fact I am still able to lift myself out of the bath and put on my own knickers and shoes (which he had to do for me near the end)  I breathed a sigh of relief.  So long as I can still dress myself, all is right with my world.  Now could someone please pass my the chocolate.  Perleeeese?

No?  Oh, okay, I suppose this is the wrong post to be begging for chocolate.  Right, focus on weight loss and healthy eating Claire.  I’ve not done much of either I’m afraid this week.  I have been exercising lots, with my usual 50 minutes walk and a game of badminton with a friend of mine.  Now I don’t need much encouragement to laugh, but honestly more calories were burnt in hysterics marvelling at my own ineptitude than actually, y’know, playing badminton.  Rather stupidly, I told Lorna that whilst I could play fairly well, my lack of fitness prevented me from actually getting to the shuttlecock to hit it back.  It was her choice.  She could either be kind and hit it to me and we could have a nice rally or she could be a nasty, horrible friend and make me run.  In which case there would be no rallies on account of the shuttlecock and I never meeting.  She chose the latter.  Really?

She got off to a great start and must have won about 10 points and I was yet to score.  My problem now was that I couldn’t stop laughing.  Which of course started her off.  Thankfully this gave me the advantage I needed and I suddenly started winning a few rallies.  She won but not before I had plonked myself on the floor and refused to move one step more.  At which point my son came to the rescue, followed swiftly by her son.  Well, I couldn’t let them think I had flaked out completely.  I would absolutely never here the end of it from my son.  So I dragged myself up and let her win.

I was, at this point, sweating buckets.  No healthy glow for me.  I was red-faced, wet through and gasping for breath but still grinning with the enjoyment of it all.  And Lorna?  She looked like she had just sauntered in.  Not even slightly out of breath.  Gary did his best to get a serious photo of us, but neither of us could stop laughing.  Ah the joy of  deep in the belly laughs.  You just can’t beat it.  Much like I just couldn’t beat Lorna.  I will though.  I’ve been practicing in the living room.  Watch out, Lorna.  This week it will be you on the floor begging for mercy!!





Yes, I really am so very mature.

So how have you done this week?  I trust a whole heap better than me.  I mean, you probably haven’t lost all your dignity and social standing on a badminton court and I can almost guarantee you haven’t been asked if you are pregnant.  With twins.  Or triplets.