Wibbly Wobbly Weightloss – Living The Healthy Life!

Yes, I know.  A slightly dodgy title.  I had been thinking about starting a new blog just for my weight loss and that was what I had decided to call it.  I’d even got as far as obtaining a domain for it.  However, when it came down to it I found I didn’t really have enough to say on the subject to actually write a whole blog about it and also I don’t really have the time to be monitoring a separate site.  So, I’ve decided to name my posts Wibbly Wobbly Weight loss, which spell check really does not like, but I have a feeling will describe perfectly my own journey to get rid of all my wobbly bits!

I am so chuffed some of you want to join me.  We can all encourage each other over the lands and the seas.  Isn’t the internet fantastic?  I’m unsure how I will format the posts but I anticipate (attempting) to keep it fairly short and sweet, sharing a quick update on my own progress.  As a couple of you are not bloggers I thought probably the best way would be for everyone to share their progress and any healthy living tips or recipes they have in the comments.  The bulk of the ‘post’ therefore would probably be the comments section.  If you want to include photos or write on your own blogs and then share links, please feel free to. (I could maybe include some/all of these links in the next post if you would like me to?)

I would also love it if we shared off the scale successes.  Whilst the post’s name refers to weight-loss, we are all so much more than a figure on a pair of scales.  Although weight loss is absolutely what I want to achieve, my real goal runs much deeper than that.  I want to be healthy.  With birth scares and cancer scares as well as extreme tiredness over the past three years, sometimes survival has felt to be all I was capable of.  Now I am sleeping each night thanks to my fandabydosy doctor who figured out what had been causing the insomnia all my life, I am ready to tackle my general health, of which weight loss is very much a small part.  So let’s celebrate that first jog,  the new healthy recipe you’ve discovered or tasting sprouts for the first time (erk!) or even painting your nails.  Silly, I know, but let’s celebrate being alive and being well enough to do all these things!

I’ll probably post the odd photo but I’m not keen being that side of the camera, so it’ll not be that often!  But if you love photos being taken of you please feel free to leave pictures, I’d love to put some faces to the names and it’s always an encouragement when one sees success in other people.

I’m planning to post weekly on a Saturday but you can simply join in whenever the fancy takes you.  I’m really looking forward to having lots of fun ‘meeting’ up each week and encouraging each other towards greater health and some wibbly wobbly weight loss (which spell checker still hates!).