Why Blog?

Ticia, of the very excellent Adventures in Mommydom, tagged me recently in a blog meme answering the question ‘Why Blog?’  The idea is to answer four questions concerning why and how you blog, and then tag three more people.

It’s funny, because this topic has been at the forefront of my mind lately, because the reasons I blog are changing.  So here goes.  These are the questions, with my answers:


I only write here, at angelicscalliwags, my sole blog.  I have toyed with writing a weight loss blog, but I really felt I ought to, y’know, lose some weight first.  Problem is, the weight, being very much like its owner has a rather stubborn streak and is resolutely refusing to budge.  So I don’t really have anything to write and will therefore stick to what I know and love – my children and, of course, Gary.

Angelicscalliwags started out two years ago as a place to come to remember.  I had just been diagnosed with invasive melanoma and with a baby of just 9 months, I was scared she would not remember me if I died.  So I wrote.  I took photos.  And I remembered everything for her.  I recorded our families antics, some publicly, some privately.

I’m not sure I should be admitting this, but I love reading my blog.  If no one else in the world read it, it simply wouldn’t matter to me.  I love reading it, because it contains my memories, my family, my love.

But people do read it, and I am utterly humbled by that.  I love it when I receive comments and I always try to reply to all of them and then visit the commenter’s blog in return and leave a message there.  I have thoroughly enjoyed meeting some kindred spirits, who I would never have ‘met’ if it wasn’t for blogging.


I’ve not got a clue!  Having pondered this for a good while, I’m still none the wiser.  Probably it’s less organised, less purposeful, less professional and more thrown together than any of the others I read.


We spend most of our days together learning.  And so this is what I write about.  I have covered many topics in the past two years but, I hope, littered through every post is one defining quality: the love I have for my family.  I do this on purpose for Gary and for my children.  So they never forget how much I love them all.

However, as is so often the case, my writing has evolved somewhat, and I really enjoy sharing  my ideas, and gleaning from others.  Prior to blogging, I knew very few people who home schooled, and almost nobody who homeschooled in a similar way to me.  Being part of a blogging community who think and feel similarly to me is really quite special, and something I would be loath to give up.

And this is where things have changed slightly.  At the start I blogged solely to record memories for my children; nowadays I write with the additional purpose of connecting with others.  This has been an unexpected benefit for me.  I love hearing your thoughts on things I’ve posted, and I love to feel part of this great homeschool blogging community – one which I didn’t know existed until I entered in to it.  It and you have really blessed me.


Okay, I had to giggle at this question.  Exactly which writing process would this question be referring to?!  I’m not at all sure I have one.  I occasionally write posts in advance, but mostly they are written the night before, in the wee early hours of the morning.  I try not to turn the computer on over the weekend, and as such rarely post then (unless I have been extra diligent and written something in advance).

Oooh, I’ve just remembered I do have a sort of writing process!!  Yes, I plan my school lessons straight into a draft blog post, linking all the resources I intend to use.  Then in the early hours I go over that pre-written post and add photos and memories of what actually happened during that day, to the outline already written.  I’m sure there must be many more efficient ways to write, I just don’t use them.  In fact, I’m mildly impressed with myself for being able to give any answer to that question at all.

Having  typed and then deleted a heap of different blogs, I’m having distinct problems choosing the three to tag.  I don’t know who to choose!  I’ve never been very good at minimising anything, and picking just three from the excellent blogger network out there is not easy.

However, the three people I’m tagging are:

Marie Claude from Marie’s Pastiche.  Marie is unusual in that she is not a homeschooler, just an incredible mother who enjoys learning alongside her girls, so much so, that each year they visit a whole new culture and immerse themselves in it for a whole year.  I’d be interested to know how and why this was started

Donna, from Around the Bend.  Donna writes about her travels around America, and is one of the most supportive readers one can have.  Everyone should get themselves a Donna!  She not only offered prayer support during my yucky February month, but in a quest to cheer me up also emailed me hysterical songs about pigs and forgetting where my glasses are.  If I knew how to link them here I would.  The latter one made me cry with laughter.  I tell you, it was written about me, and I don’t even wear glasses!

The final blogger I have chosen because her homeschool and consequently her blog has gone through big changes over the last year and I would be interested to hear if her reasons for blogging have changed along side it – Lucinda from Navigating by Joy