When your five year old thinks she knows more than you…

Mummy.”  It was said as a statement.  There stood my five year old, arms crossed, eyes serious.

Yes, darling?  How can I help?”  I answered, struggling to keep the grin out of my voice.  I just knew something profound was coming.

Mummy.”  Again, a statement.  I raised my eye brows as she informed me,  “I won’t be doing maths anymore.”  Arms tightened their cross, B’s whole face took on a determined ‘I am not going to give in here, it is in your best interest to just give up early, you don’t have a hope of changing my mind‘ look.

I want to do art all day, just like L,” she swept her arm towards the living room in an expansive gesture.

I replied with a Non-committal, “Oh?”

I am an artist.”  She paused for affect.  “Artists do not need maths.”

My response?  I took a photo.  She did look awfully cute as, with paint splodges all over her body, she informed me how she wished to be educated in the future.