When your five year old thinks she knows more than you…

Mummy.”  It was said as a statement.  There stood my five year old, arms crossed, eyes serious.

Yes, darling?  How can I help?”  I answered, struggling to keep the grin out of my voice.  I just knew something profound was coming.

Mummy.”  Again, a statement.  I raised my eye brows as she informed me,  “I won’t be doing maths anymore.”  Arms tightened their cross, B’s whole face took on a determined ‘I am not going to give in here, it is in your best interest to just give up early, you don’t have a hope of changing my mind‘ look.

I want to do art all day, just like L,” she swept her arm towards the living room in an expansive gesture.

I replied with a Non-committal, “Oh?”

I am an artist.”  She paused for affect.  “Artists do not need maths.”

My response?  I took a photo.  She did look awfully cute as, with paint splodges all over her body, she informed me how she wished to be educated in the future.




  1. I completely understand where b is coming from😊 However artists do need maths😊 Although I must laugh at her way of telling you mummy😂

  2. That is a lovely photo! Looks like taking a picture may have defused any tension too, that’s definitely a smile.
    I wonder how long the maths strike will last. Until your fractions lesson is all about cake, or she needs to get her fair share of some sweets?

  3. Artists do not need maths, indeed. Perhaps now would be a good time to introduce B to the golden ratio and to fractals. Collages, tessalation, Celtic knots, the colour wheel… who needs maths when one has art? 🙂

  4. Oh my goodness!! she is adorable. I love this. I remember when Keilee was about 7 she told me, in all seriousness, “Mom I am finished with school forever. I know everything there is to know.” I still remind her of that quite often. 😉

  5. Oh my word. How cute. This reminds me of a friends’ little boy who went to kindergarten (primary here) for one day. Came home thrilled. Until he learned he had to go back tomorrow…lol He thought one day was enough. Beautiful little thing!

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