When Teen Angst Hits….

….everyone needs a brother like T13.


Today has been a tricky day with emotions running high for my eldest twin.  This time of change from child to adult has been hard on all my older three children, although T seems to have come out the other end.  I am very grateful to have journeyed with at least one child through these choppy waters and to not just hope, but to know they are temporary.  The fact that he has been through it all himself means that T is very understanding of the girls’ tears, very patient and very kind.

Today, when L tearfully expressed how she was feeling, T went quietly away and wrote a song for her.  I could hear him strumming the same tune over and over but had no clue what he was doing.

He gave the song to L and she then showed it to me.  I was a bit teary and really proud of my boy, who is no longer a boy but a man.  It also brought to mind all the times L happily stood in for T and did his chores for him when he was struggling, taking him cups of tea and gently letting him know of her support for him.  The photo above is of him singing the song to her.

I am so blessed by these children of mine.