When a break becomes an excuse to do nothing…

This is one of those pointless posts written from me to……me.  Yes, sometimes I need a good talking to and who better to do it than yours truly?  So Claire, this is for you:

  • It is not a good use of time to become lost in the YouTube blackhole.  In fact, some might say it is a colossal waste of time.  And singing your heart out to Glee music?  It is not healthy, I tell you.
  • No one should know every word to every Glee music video.  No one.  That includes you. Just sayin’.
  • It doesn’t matter that you are on your half term break, you have rooms that could do with a deep clean and I’m sure the freezer needs to be defrosted for the first time in forever.
  • Staying up until the early hours, even if you are on a half term break, watching back episodes of Glee is not conducive to getting up early- you know, that goal you set yourself days weeks months years ago?
  • Glee is not real.  It is not normal to burst into song when you feel the need to express yourself.  And dancing at your age? – Really not a good look.

Yes, I have become slightly obsessed.  I happen to be of the all or nothing persuasion.  Frankly, I rue the day I was introduced to Glee and the incredibly good music numbers that go with each episode.  It is Wednesday.  I have been on half term break since Monday and I have done very little in this time. This is not normal for me.  I need a kick up the backside and this is it.  No more behaving like a fourteen year old.  I am forty and need to start behaving as such.

And I will, after I watch just one more episode of Glee……