We’re Going on a Bear Hunt {Book Unit}

We're going on a Bear Hunt Book Unit

Have lots of fun with this ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ book unit, with lots of activities and a special bear themed party. Read on to join the fun!

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt Resources

We're Going on a Bear Hunt

These were the little one’s bed time read alouds.  They were also available in the morning whilst the older ones were doing their chores and also during quiet time after lunch.

Abigail and Becca have wanted to be read to  All.  The.  Time.  My older ones are quick to volunteer, in particular Charlotte, who ‘does all the voices’!

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt Adventure Box

I created a Preschool Adventure Box and a written frame work with which to organise my planning of the short units I do with them. This box was bear themed 😊

We're Going on a Bear Hunt Adventure Box

Morning Play Dough

In the mornings the younger two, especially Becca (1), play with play dough.  Like last week I made a play dough mat by photo copying the front page of Going on a Bear Hunt:

Play Dough

Dress Up and Drama

For this unit we had teddy bear dress up and I made some puppets to recreate the ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ story:

Some toy bears with props (a selection of playmobil, Schliech models and Duplo lego):

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt Activity Trays

I aim to make 6 trays each week.  The little ones will have three each to begin with and then swop over.  Abigail (4) has normal trays, whereas I have used the highsided (new!) small cat litter trays, which contains the materials rather well!  I include a printable with art supplies, small world tub and puzzle or shape activity. There were also Classification Cards which we used to talk about whether bears were found in grasslands, deserts, oceans or tropical areas.

Abigail was feeling blue having had a nasty cut on her hand, so her lovely big sister Charlotte made a makeshift bed on the floor and tucked her in.  Next thing I knew they were going through all the cards, giggling away at all the animals.  I LOVE the closeness which homeschooling encourages!

Teddy Bear Tea Party

This theme was perfect for making their own teddy bear tea parties. Almost every day they managed to sneak one in ❤️

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt Sensory Journey

I made a set of sensory trays which the older ones enjoyed playing in as much as the younger ones! (if not more!!):

Bear Themed Food Related Activities

Teddy bear jelly and smashed pineapple lollies; teddy bear shaped muffins; teddy bear toast and honey:

Jelly and Pineapple Pots

Becca and I had some special time alone preparing the jellies to go in the bag.  She really loved it and it served as a reminder to me to spend more time alone with her.  She followed the instructions I gave her very well and was extremely careful and precise in everything she attempted.  It really surprised me.  I’m definitely going to have her in the kitchen more!

Plastercast Teddy Bears

I made some plaster cast bears, which I packaged in cellophane bags and hid them in the garden.  Giving the children a set of binoculars each, I told them to go on their own bear hunt.  I told them they could paint them after our special tea.  They were all thrilled:

We’re Going on A Bear Hunt Family Night

Gary and I planned a simple reenactment of the bear hunt, moving through our garden- we have lots of mud, grass, water and trees to use – no snow unfortunately!  Thomas agreed to be the bear and Gary was the daddy carrying Becca on his shoulders.  The older ones had learnt the book almost verbatum through all their play, so basically narrated it as they moved through the scenes.  Our living room has a sofa bed in which we made into a bed with a patchwork quilt.  I balanced picnic bags (bear themed of course!) on the head board.  Gary and the children, pursued by a bear named Thomas, ran to the living room, then back to the front door to lock Thomas out, and finally back to the living room to reveal this:

Going on a Bear Hunt Muffin Tin Meal

In addition to our fun tea in bed, I also made A4 and B1 a ‘Going on a Bear Hunt’ muffin tin meal:

I included arrows as a visual to remind A4 which order the landscapes came in
I included arrows as a visual to remind A4 which order the landscapes came in.  She really got into this meal, excitedly telling daddy what each food represented.  Such fun!

I did peas with a few sweetcorn for the swishy, swashy grass; I dyed some lemonade blue with some natural food dye ( a huge treat for A4) to represent the cold, deep river; mashed carrots for the squelchy mud; broccoli for the thick forest; white fish in a cheese sauce with extra grated cheese as the swirly snow storm; a baked potato with a hole carved out as the dark cave (I also froze some soft cheese in the bear chocolate mold and popped it inside the cave); and last but not least we made a chocolate bear which I placed on some shredded green paper for the bear.

This was such a great book unit! For more of the same, please do visit my book unit page