Precious Moments

Welcome to my first ever proper weekly wrap up.  I feel all chuffed with myself because I’ve finally learnt how to collage!  I’m so atrocious at this electronic stuff that any step forward is huge for me.

The first collage contains pictures of us just hanging around, enjoying being at home:

Ribbet collage

L11 looking gorgeous; T12 and A4 having a huggle; the family playing one of our favourite games, Atlas Adventures; and finally my equally gorgeous C11 just before she goes to her new ‘job’ as one of the helpers at the children’s choir.

Gary and T12 have just begun the rather laborious work of massacring our garden.  No, I stand corrected, I am told they are digging out the 101 beds T12 has planned.  Silly me.

Ribbet collage

Here they are having much fun together whilst digging the very first bed.

In our little one’s school we’ve been doing BFIAR book Jesse Bear and learning about the science of bubbles:

Ribbet collage

I must have snapped over 50 pictures of them having fun for hours playing with a tub of bubbles.  B3 was particularly cute, as this was the first time she was old enough to play by herself with them.

Last week my two-year old became my three-year old and we celebrated in true Mr Men style:

Ribbet collage1

B3 opening her main present which was a Mr Men blanket.  She loved it soooo much!  The next picture is her at her Mr Men party wearing her Little Miss Birthday apron I had made for her.  By this week she was starting to come down with a nasty cough and generally felt yukky.  So we had many snuggles (which always included her Mr Men blanket!).

This week saw the return of home school enthusiasm, in particular all things science.  I am a bit relieved, firstly to be back to normal and secondly to have children gung-ho for science.  We’ve been a bit slack in the science department of late, so I think it might be time to crank it up a gear:

Ribbet collage

We finally managed to get to the pond for our nature study.  The weather has been too wet and stormy for us to venture out (yes, we’re fair weather ponders).  We have been revising atoms, molecules and cells as a prelude to an intensive cell study.  After watching a dvd about microscopy and cells the children went mad trying out everything in sight to see if they could see the cells they were made up of, including their own blood.  We also made up many atoms from play dough.

We’ve also been covering King John and have had much fun re-enacting:

Ribbet collage1

I’m not going to say much about what’s going on because I intend to post the full story next week, but I will say that I never thought I would see the day when my son was prostrate in front of his sister, kissing her feet!

My last collage gives a glimpse at some of the work the children have been doing towards their presentation.  The presentation this year will be in the form of a medieval feast, themed around the War of the Roses.  T12 is focusing his presentation on the War of the Roses, L11 is the one doing all the preparation and work for the actual feast and C11 is doing her presentation on Medieval fashions.  All the actual presentations will be given on the night of the feast.

Ribbet collage2

Here the peasant dolly’s outer tunic is being created from a home-made pattern and pinned for sewing; L11 is ironing the material for her shield, which will be part of her tapestry decorations for the feast; T12 continues to write his play which he is hoping will be finished tomorrow; and L11 has started decorating the foil platters with jewels.  These platters will be used to serve the food during the feast.

And there you have it.  Our week in collage.  I hope everyone has a blessed week-end with friends, family and lots and lots of fun!

Homegrown Learners photo 50ee37ee-4f60-43f2-83eb-bb7deb75fd49_zpsbacda61d.png