Tudors and Stuarts: Explorers – The Urge to Explore

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Lesson one with Homeschooling in the Woods was looking at what drew people to explore.  There was some information which came with the curriculum, but I also had the children have a look at this book:

Ribbet collageexplorers

Using some of the information and cut outs, as well as some photocopied maps and scrap papers, the children created their first Explorer’s Journal page.  On our journal page we attempted to show the four main reasons for exploring the world – adventure; spices of the Orient; the spread of Christianity and gold & riches.  We also included a bible verse from Acts 1:8:

Ribbet collageexplorers2

We also started a recipes collection at the back of the journal:


This week I made some spice biscuits to surprise the children with.  We had meant to do it together but ran out of time, so one evening whilst they were at choir I baked a batch using the recipe from Homeschool in the Woods which contained spices of every kind:

Ribbet collagecookies1

And just because I have to embellish everything, I packed up some for our intrepid explorers to have along the way:

Ribbet collagecookies2

We own a Polaroid camera which produces pictures immediately which by their very nature look aged.  Now I do realise that Polaroid cameras did not exist in the 15th century (!), but we decided to use a bit of artistic licence to make our journal page look pretty:

Ribbet collagecookies3

As part of our first lesson we also made our own paper mache, huge map of the world, on which I posted a quick tutorial yesterday.  At the moment it is flat and we have painted the seas blue and the land green.  Throughout this study we will be adding more geographical features.  For example yellow sand to show the deserts, or building high mountains painted white at the top to show the main mountain ranges in the world.  I look forward to developing our map further:


Next week we will be learning how to tie knots and dry fruit for the journey aboard ship.