“Trust Fund” from Mapelle Films {Review}

Mapelle FilmsEvery Sunday we put aside the time between church services for some good ol’ family time.  We always have slow cooker gammon ham, chips and vegetables, which requires very little work from me, and we always watch a film.  We have collected quite a collection of Christian and family friendly dvds, and are always on the look out new ones.  I was so excited to be chosen to review Trust Fund, a movie from Mapelle Films.  I was also blessed to receive the book Love Was Near which Charlotte eagerly got her teeth into.  And as if that wasn’t enough Mapelle Films has designed a download study guide for small groups (or in deed your own family) to dig deeper into the themes of the movie!

Trust Fund

Trust Fund Movie

Trust Fund is the first independent film from Mapelle Films.  It is loosely based on Luke 15, the story of the prodigal son, though in this case it is the prodigal daughter who does the returning.  Trust Fund is the life-story of Reese (played by Jessica Rothe), an aspiring writer who is struggling to find her place in the family since the passing of her mother.  The film centres around Reece’s relationships with her father, her sister and the man she runs away with and ultimately loses her fortune to.  But it is her relationship with herself and the growth of self understanding, appreciation and acceptance, which speaks so vividly throughout the film.  Reece’s blossoming growth in character as she faces up to her irresponsibility is inspiring, as is the resounding message of love and forgiveness from father to daughter.  Although Christianity or God is not mentioned once, and it is very much not an overtly Christian film, the parallels are clear for anyone willing to see them: No matter how far we run away from God, as our Father there is nothing we could do for which He would not forgive us.  And when we return, we return to arms open wide.  A safe place, where comfort, love and safety is always on offer.

The film is written in such a way that it captivates all of its audiences, young and old, the whole family.  Siblings can relate to the arguments between Reese and her older sister Audrey.  Fathers can relate to the difficulty most fathers have of letting their baby girls go (Charlotte 14)

Our family really enjoyed this film.  It was lavish, beautifully shot and the acting and story line was strong.  For me personally, it was one of the most enjoyable films rooted in Christianity I have seen.

Love was Near

Love Was Near Book

Love was Near is an unusual go along to the movie, written in the perspective of Reese, allowing a deeper look into her thoughts, motivations and answers some of the questions the film asks.  Charlotte, my 14-year-old daughter, read this in a little over an hour.  She is a voracious reader, but this was quick, even for her!  She LOVED it and is currently on her second reading (a bit more slowly this time!).

“I thoroughly enjoyed being caught up in the wrongs and rights of Reese’s life.  I was rooting for her from start to finish, despite some iffy judgements she made along the way.  The book helped me to understand why Reece made some of the choices she did.  It helped me reflect on my own life and why I choose certain paths over others”

This book is a 28 chapter book which includes diary entries and questions which help the reader to think about their own lives just a little bit deeper.

Trust Fund Study Guide

The Trust Fund Study Guide is a delightful addition to create a trio of excellent resources to dip a bit deeper into the biblical story of the prodigal son.  Focusing on four pertinent scenes from the film (clips can be found here), the study guide helps merge the story of the prodigal son of Luke 15 with Trust Fund itself.  It explores the roles and different standings of the younger and older siblings and how their birth order affects their personality peculiarities.  This is a lovely extension to the movie, encouraging deeper thought and understanding into the lives and motivations of Reese and her sister.

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