Top Ten Posts this School Year

I’ve been noticing a smattering of top ten posts of the year and thought I would take a look at mine.  I was really surprised, they would not all have been my choices!  Here are the most widely read posts this school year (2012-2013):

Viking Runes

Helping Children Edit Their Own Writing

Preschool Adventure Box: We’re Going on a Bear Hunt

Young Scientists at Play

Preschool Adventure Box: B4FIAR Goodnight Moon

Apologia Science Chapter Two: Bones

Feudalism in the MiddleAges and the Four Alls

Preschool Adventure Box: B4FIAR: Yellow Ball

Making a Board Game to Reinforce Learning

Young Scientists at Play: Concoction Lab



  1. I simply have to jump in here in defense of my adopted pond… the Pond ones are MY favourites… just saying… defending my pond and all… Although I hang on pretty much every word you put in your blog-posts… 😉

    1. Ha Ha!! I’m doing my favourites tomorrow. I obviously have no taste because not one of mine featured in this list!
      Leizel, I don’t know if you noticed the maths curriculum I mentioned in my last ‘challenge’ post, but I was looking at it today and noticed that they are slowly modifying it for South Africa and it made me think of you and your move to England and I thought it might be worth thinking about?? It’s free as well which is always handy!

      1. Oooooh no I didn’t! I will definitely go take a peek! Thank you! Our education system is a bit fraught with controversy over here, as they are constantly changing the learning outcomes etc. It is not what it used to be. I was an older student at Varsity and I noticed it in the younger students. It is very sad.

      2. Claire, you are going to have to help me out here… I can’t seem to find where you have posted about a Math Curriculum?

  2. OK ….I could have viewed that one a couple of times. Accounting for many of the views 🙂

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