Titanic Murder Mystery Party

Titanic Murder Mystery Party

This week Becca turned 10 and in honour of her birthday and as a fun activity to celebrate the end of our Edwardian study we held a Titanic Murder Mystery Party. It was so much fun, taking on different characters and trying to work out who the murderer was (me, as it happened).

We bought Becca an outfit for her birthday. She was to be an 18 year old travelling in first class.

Her sister had already done her make up before she opened the presents. Here she is, in character and in all her birthday gifts:

Titanic Murder Mystery Party: Set Up

Set up was really simple with Titanic themed everything. We had invitations to the captain’s table, a menu and a first class boarding pass. Even the wine bottles were themed!

The table from both ends:

And all the characters:

Gary was an uncouth, Irish lady’s man, Thomas was the husband of Abigail’s character and I was a 54 year old mentally ill, germaphobic who was chaperoning Becca’s character
Abigail was an ex actress, Lillie was an obtuse unlikeable young man and Becca was a flirtatious 18 year old girl
Ads was the ship’s captain and Charlotte a rich heiress

And here are a few photos from our night:

So much fun!