The Scripture in our House

Yesterday, I posted about the work we had been doing on our hallway, and I received an email asking why I had chosen the scripture passages on the blackboards throughout.  So I thought I’d do a quick share.

From the top of the hallway, on the kitchen door way:

Hallway 22

To remind us to always choose love.  And then on the other side of the door way:

Hallway 1

First Corinthians, a reminder to us all what that love should look like.

I have a heart above my office to remind me that although things may look impossible, I should never rule out the power of God in the equation.  For Him, nothing is impossible.

Hallway 20

On my ‘Mummy’s Nook’ sign (Made by Thomas for me last Christmas):

Hallway 15

This is the passage God gave me when He called us to move to Ireland when the older ones were three.  It reminds me first of the fact that no matter where I go God is always there.  But secondly, along with another passage from Ruth (Your God will be my God, your people my people), it reminds me of the promise Gary and I made to each other when we realised that if we got married one of us would need to move away from the life we knew in order to be together.  This passage reminds me that Gary and I are together forever.  Period.

At the bottom of the stairs, so that the children see it each morning:

Hallway 19

That’s the hallway, but we have scripture dotted throughout our house:



I like words.  I like how solid they are, how life affirming they are and how they give each member of the family a sense of continuity, of a feeling of togetherness and unity.


Not all our signs are scripture, but all give a sense of who we are as both individuals and as a family, and what we believe.


Yes, I like words very much indeed.