The Blessing of Teens

Blessing of teens

I have been ill since Sunday night, along with the two little ones.  In fact B4 is now on antibiotics for a nasty ear infection.  I have muddled through school each day in a haze of fever and a very sore throat.  We have pretty much managed to do (almost) everything on that list of mine.  The reason?  My teens.  Once more I feel so blessed to have these incredibly giving teens in my life.

Every morning they have completed chores without me asking, one of them sitting with whichever little needed them the most.  They brought me a hot drink if I was still in bed and neurofen to knock the temperature on its head.  They were gentle with the little ones, understanding they were fragile.  They began maths, taking it in turns to help one of the younger ones either do a maths lesson or play a maths game on their computer.  As my mouth and throat was too sore for too much talking, the morning meeting was organised by the older three, each taking a section to lead:

teens 2

Monday night, B4 had spent the night in bed with me crying and screaming her way through the night.  Even when asleep she was screaming and holding her ear in pain.  When the girls woke the next morning and heard what had gone on, they demanded to know why they hadn’t been woken to help!  They ordered me back to bed whilst they took care of everything and everyone else.

Each lunchtime, one of my teens cooked our usual baked potatoes, cheese and made a huge vegetable salad, ensuring everyone got lots of vitamins.  They helped feed our youngest, coaxing her when she didn’t feel like eating.  At the little ones’ bedtime, one or other of the teens read to them, without me even having to ask them.

I don’t write these posts so everyone will know what wonderful teens I have.  No, I write these posts so that MY teens know just how much I appreciate them.  Life isn’t always easy when you are a teen.  Wise decisions are not always made in the heat of the moment.  It is easy sometimes to let the hormones win and take over.  My older three children are not perfect.  They do not always get it right.  But they are good children.  They are thoughtful.  They are helpful.  They are willing to learn when they get it wrong.  And I want them to know just how much I appreciate those qualities I see developing in them, and how proud I am of the man and women they are becoming.


Guys, thank you so much for all your help and love over this past week.  You have made a potentially hard week, relatively painless and surprisingly productive.

<3 I love you all to the moon and back <3

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