The Angelicscalliwag’s Magna Charta

Straight after our democratic meeting, we discussed a few other points and I left the children to make up their own Magna Charta for our home and they wrote it on our white board.  I had to giggle at some of the stuff they came up with:

Here all five were discussing the 'rules'
Here all five were discussing the ‘rules

The next day, as part of his writing assignment, I had T12 write out our Magna Charta in full and email it to me.  I then printed it out onto parchment paper:

Their 8 rules, reworded and put into a document by T12
Their 8 rules, reworded and put into a document by T12

Click The Magna Charta if you want to have a peek at our rules.

After printing it, we aged it by burning the edges:


Everyone signed it, and we used the wax seal to authenticate it, and we were done:

Our very own set of rules for our home.
Our very own set of rules for our home.

Given I wasn’t really looking forward to studying King John and his Magna Charta, I am quite surprised to find myself sorry to say goodbye.  It’s been fun!



  1. It’s been fun reading along! You and the kids have made this so interesting. For the sake of Rule #3 alone, I think we need a Magna Charta of our own 🙂 But seriously, when kids come up with and charter rules about selflessness, fairness, accountability (and proper shoe storage), it’s quite the testament to a loving and character building household.

    1. LOL!! I think it might be called nagging in some cultures! I must have said these things so frequently that they are sticking. I laughed at the shoes being put away too!!

    1. Yeah, I spelled it Carta as well, but spell check kept telling me it was wrong. In the end I looked it up in a dictionary and both spellings are right. I spell it like that so I didn’t have red lines constantly sprawled all over my work!

  2. Love the rules – especially the ones about looking out for and helping each other. My girls love looking at your pictures and as we were doing something during the day yesterday, one of them said, “Is that one of those heated discussions?” Haha. You will be glad to know that other children are learning from your blog!

    1. LOL! I don’t ever want to curb their discussions, but I hate bickering for no reason. I think it is one of the most damaging things to do to a relationship, because it damages it over time, slowly without anyone noticing. It has always been a rule – No bickering – EVER!

  3. What a cool idea!!! I love how they aged their document to make it look old. I may need to copy this idea and have the kids to it when we roll through this part of history again. Love all the gems of this time period!

    1. We’ve enjoyed it, but are really, really looking forward to moving on to the renaissance period. We’ve done middle ages for two years now. It’s time to move on.

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