Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

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You know those days when absolutely everything you touch goes wrong?  It might not be anything big, but when everything is joined together in one 24 hour period you end it more stressed than you remember feeling for a very long time?

The last 24 hours have been terrible, horrible, not good, very bad and then some.

Disobedience, bad attitudes, tears, hormones and grumpiness have been the order of the day.  I’m not sure how much of the attitude comes because I feel so rubbish and am therefore setting the (negative) tone of the house or just because it was a terrible, horrible, not good, very bad day.

Where do I even start?

Oscar pooed all over our dining room floor.  Not just in one place but all the way down one side of the table and then all the way down the other side.  He never defecates inside.  Ever. And it was loose.

T, whilst trying to add some suspension to his bike managed to break his front breaks.  Now I’m certain he will fix it but for now he is very despondent with his efforts.

Whilst I was vacuuming the down stairs I left the tap running into the kitchen sink which had its plug in.  About half an hour later I was horrified to see our tiny kitchen awash with soapy water.  And you know water just gets in everywhere.  I couldn’t even cry.  So we cancelled our babysitter for the night and I hunkered down to mop up all the water, saturating a heap of large towels in the process.

Then Gary and I decided we would get a takeaway, the children could go to bed early (which they clearly needed) and we would have a stay at home date.  Except no sooner had we tucked into our takeaway L12 vomited.  Sigh.  It was obviously not meant to be.

Going to bed early sounded like a plan.  And frankly staying there for the duration of February is an attractive proposition.  Only how can I teach the children to overcome their feelings and get on with life if I hibernate each February.  So I am up, out of bed and after a rough start (L passed out) we are all feeling a lot happier.  We have decided to take it easy today, after which we hope we will all be back to fine fettle without everything we touch going wrong.

After all, the dining room is spanking clean and fully bleached from cleaning up Oscar’s little (big) accident.  The kitchen floor has never been so sparkling thanks to the sudding down and drenching it received from the day before.  And T will no doubt learn something new from his disaster with the breaks.  Maybe life isn’t so bad…..