Teaching Daughters to be Women of God: A Godly Woman

Last week, as you know, we spent a week with a completely different focus to usual.  The little ones were learning about beautiful girlhood, whilst the older girls learnt what it meant to be a Godly woman.


We used the following book.  We have already studied Proverbs 31 using this book and it handily breaks down this favourite passage into individual verses, tackling one at a time.  We re-read the first chapter which began our week perfectly:

godly woman 15

The next book we have also been through together when the girls were much younger.  This week I simply wanted them to read it to themselves.  Whilst it is old-fashioned in places, it holds time-honoured wisdom, and I felt that the girls would still enjoy reading it one more time:

godly woman 13

Our third resource is a cornucopia of ideas to help you study Proverbs 31.  I have owned this book for years but each time I began to plan a study using it I felt completely overwhelmed.  This time, for some reason, it was doable.

godly woman 14

It, too, is divided into chapters based on each separate part of Proverbs 31.  Each chapter contains lots (and lots) of ideas for study and practical application.  I went through each idea and chose just a few activities for the older girls to complete.


So, as well as reading the first chapter of ‘Beautiful in God’s Eyes for Young Women’ and the whole of ‘Beautiful Girlhood’,

godly woman 11

the girls also did the following:

  • Read both 1Tim 5:3-10 and Titus 2:3-5 and we discussed what qualities a Godly woman has, and how she utilises her time.
  • Carried out their first ever topical study of the word ‘Godly’ using Nave’s Topical Bible:godly woman 1
  • Discussed and wrote out ten questions to ask their incredibly Godly Granny, Heather.     godly woman 12Heather has been my main source of inspiration of what a real Godly woman looks like.  She has always been very patient answering the billions of questions I had back in the day before I became a Christian, and remains, to this day, my go-to person when I am troubled by something.  We had asked Heather whether she minded the girls skyping her and asking her their questions.  Of course she agreed.  The girls came up with some lovely questions and Heather did a sterling job answering and explaining.  I particularly appreciated her honesty.  Heather does not hide what the Word is saying but speaks it clearly and confidently.  It was incredibly helpful to my girls at this time in their life: godly woman 3
  • This week’s Bible verse was Proverbs 31: 10 ‘A wife of noble character who can find?  She is worth far more than rubies.‘  We decided to make some wall art containing this scripture.  L, who has thoroughly enjoyed her mixed media projects of late, suggested they do a mixed media collage using the Bible, a heart and the above verse.  They both used a canvas and modgepodged ripped up pieces of scripture.  They used, with my permission, my great aunt’s Bible which was already falling apart:godly woman 2After this had dried they each painted a large red heart using acrylic paint:godly woman 5L13 painted hers to be three-dimensional, whilst C simply painted a red heart.  I photocopied the Bible verse in each girl’s chosen font and they cut and stuck them in the heart:godly woman 8L then in black outlined her heart and around each word:godly woman 6 Here’s C13’s:godly woman 7And L13’s:  godly woman 9and a close up: godly woman 10

Although we didn’t complete everything on my list, due to Gary and his appendix 🙂  we did enough that it was definitely worth it.  During our next week of fun we will be moving on to the next verse of Proverbs 31.