How to Teach Homeschool Writing: Narration

Narration is another useful tool to have in your home school writing tool box.  I have already talked about copywork as a first step in teaching your child to write, and narration can be used in conjunction with this. What is Narration? Narration is the telling back of something the child knows.  It is the…


How to Teach Homeschool Writing: Copywork

Copywork: Introduction In our homeschool, writing starts as soon as the child shows an interest.  Aside from the usual doodles, we also encourage the child to create their own copywork.  Copywork is such a useful tool for encouraging natural and reluctant writers.  Flexible and simple to use, it can be utilised from the moment a…


The Crafty Classroom {Review}

Over the past few weeks my younger girls have been using How to Write a Paragraph from The Crafty Classroom: What is 'How to Write a Paragraph'? 'How to Write a Paragraph' is exactly what you would expect.  It is a simple downloadable pack which takes a child through all the steps of writing a…