Mystery of History: Lesson Ten – Stonehenge

We did our Stonehenge lesson over a couple of weeks, as we had never covered it before and I wanted to learn a bit more about it! I found an excellent couple of story books which describe different aspects of Stonehenge. They were my starting point to lots of lovely hands on activities 🙂 Stonehenge:…


How to Make Historical Clothing for Dolls: Stonehenge Fashion

As we go through our Mystery of History studies, I will be making historical clothing for the girls' dolls as and when I have time. The girls still enjoy playing with their dolls, especially dressing and undressing them 🙂 I couldn't find a male doll so I massacred one of the girl dolls which now…


How to Make Stonehenge Hand Tools

I used the teacher's guide from the Stonehenge website as my source of inspiration to make some hand tools from the Neolithic period of Stonehenge. Stonehenge Hand Tools: The Antler Pick Picture Credit I drew a vague antler pick shape out of stiff cardboard: The children cut some out: Added some padding (crushed up foil)…

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