Interest-Led Learning for Teenagers: An Interview with Lillie

Describe how your school has changed over the past few years?  I've been given more control over what I do.  I've been allowed to choose which GCSEs I want to do and I am not being forced to any GCSEs that I don't enjoy.  I am pleased I am allowed to do this because I…


Dare to Dream: Recognising the Passion Within

In this post, I will share how we have determined what the passions are of each child.   With Lillie it was easy.  She spent every spare moment creating.   She was even happy to do so alone.  This was the girl who hated our quiet times each day growing up because she had to be…


Dare to Dream: Having the Courage to Let Your Homeschooler Dream Big

Each year we toddle off to Northern Ireland for our annual holiday.  Gary and I use this time to think, pray and discuss changes we might like to see in our family and home school.  More often than not I go away with questions, worries and issues that I have determined to pray about, with…

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