Trusting God {From my Heart to Yours}

This is the first of, I hope, many letters I will write to you my precious daughters. They will be written straight from my heart to yours. This letter is all about the importance of trusting God. To my gorgeous girls, Nine short years ago I was asked by my cancer doctor why I wanted…


Review of Essential Skills Advantage

Over the past few weeks, A7 and B5 have had the pleasure of using the Complete Home Learning Suite from Essential Skills Advantage.  A supplementary curriculum for elementary children, Essential Skills Advantage offers over 14,000 online lessons.  Each lesson is carefully crafted to build the child's skill in that area. The Complete Learning Suite offers lessons in five…


Reader Question: How do you encourage sibling relationships? Part 2

Yesterday, I began answering the question I probably get the most emails asking: How I encourage sibling relationships, covering up until B5 was born.  At this point everything changed.  Life went from being pleasant in every sense of the word to being really rather difficult.  Parenting goals and aspirations went right out of the window…


Reader Question: How do you encourage sibling relationships?

From the depth of my being I have always desired  have a happy peaceful home.  Not having grown up with that it would be high on my goal list for both marital and family relations.  This means I have parented intentionally, with that goal in mind, right from the start.  I am blessed now with a…

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