Making a ‘Build a Mr Man’ Felt Kit

This week I started making the little ones' Mr Men Felt kit.  I used an ice cream box, pack of felt and fabric glue: I cut some felt to fit into the lid of the ice cream box and stuck it down with fabric glue.  I then decorated the outside of the box with felt…


Mr Men Maths: Making a Number Tool Box

What is a number tool box?  It is basically a box I can grab that has a few tools inside to teach number skills.  The number skills I want the little ones to learn are: Number recognition (B2) Counting (B2) Ordering Numbers (B2) Number bonds (A5) Writing numbers (B2 and A5) Making the Box 1)  Collect the…


Mr Men School : Introduction

The family has had (yet another) nasty infection going around for the last couple of weeks and last week Gary succumbed with a sinus infection, and on Thursday B2 and I came down with some sort of weird throat infection. We're all on the mend now but didn't get round to our pond study on Friday on…

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