Life of Fred: Farming Revision Booklet

I created this Farming Revision Booklet to use with our maths studies using the very excellent Life of Fred curriculum. Most of our hands on activities for the Farming book were linked to either sets or graphs. This 11 page Farming Revision Booklet focuses on set work, using farm animals as a theme. Firstly, the…


Homeschool Living Maths: Life of Fred – Farming

I am very slowly going through Life of Fred - Farming, and in deed all these books, which are to all intents and purposes too young for my eldest, and possibly for my youngest. But there is something about them that makes me stoically continue on. The girls do ACE maths everyday, so I am…


Life of Fred: Edgewood Revision Booklet {Free Download}

I've made some more notebooking pages, this time going over the work covered in Life of Fred: Edgewood. I use this Life of Fred: Edgewood Revision Booklet to make sure the girls have understood the concepts from that book before moving on to the next Life of Fred book: Life of Fred: Edgewood - Quadrilaterals…


Life of Fred: Dogs Revision Booklet {Free Download}

I have created Life of Fred: Dogs revision booklet. My focal topics for Life of Fred: Dogs were Doubles and Functions. The revision booklet contains lots of activities for learning doubles and understanding functions. I always keep my revision booklets simple and very easy. I want to know they understand the concept, rather than stretching…


Homeschool Living Maths: Life of Fred – Dogs

Learning Maths with Life of Fred: Dogs Since I have learnt how to create my own work sheets, Life of Fred maths is getting even better 🙂  We have just finished Life of Fred: Dogs, book four in a ten book series of elementary maths, based on a little boy named Fred (you can buy…


Life of Fred: Cats Review Booklet – Free Printable!

Life of Fred: Cats Printable - Introduction My newest download, Life of Fred: Cats Printable review booklet, was created to be used alongside Life of Fred: Cats maths book.  It can be used before your child starts Dogs to check his understanding of the main concepts taught in the Cats book, or in deed at…

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