Around the World with FIAR: Asia Unit Study

Around the World with FIAR: Barbar {India and Monsoons} Around the World with FIAR: Grass Sandals {Japan and its Volcanoes} Around the World with FIAR: Grandfather’s Journey {Japan and its Tsunamis} Around the World with FIAR: A Story about Ping {China, Wetlands and Typhoons} Around the World with FIAR: A Pair of Red Clogs {China and the Giant Panda} Around…


A Pair of Red Clogs {FIAR}

This week we have been rowing Five in Row book, A Pair of Red Clogs: Mako's delight in her new pair of wooden clogs is almost contagious.  The little Japanese girl is so proud of her new clogs which are painted with red lacquer that shone beautifully. Alas, she cracks her shoes playing the weather-telling…


The Story about Ping {FIAR}

A Story about Ping is the very cute tale about an independently spirited little duck who lives on a 'wise-eyed boat' on the Yangtze River.  One evening he fails to make it back to his boat on time and spends the night out on the river having his own brand of fun.  He comes to…


Who Owns the Sun {FIAR}

As part of our slavery mini unit, I thought I would take the little ones through two Five in a Row selections: Follow the Drinking Gourd and Who Owns the Sun?  For both we will be following the FIAR suggestions for study, but in addition to those I will be focusing our studies on one…


Around the World with FIAR: Salamander Room

FIAR Work The Salamander Room is a delightful book about a young boy imagining all he would need to do to his bedroom to make it habitable for the salamander he found in the forest. Once I had read out this book for a few days I had A8 narrate the story back to me…


Around the World with FIAR: Henry the Castaway

Geographical Theme for Term: South America We read through this book again: Henry the Castaway is a story about a boy who imagines going for an adventure on the Orinoco River.  This river runs through Venezuela and Colombia: As we had already covered Columbia in a past study, we focused primarily on Venezuela this week.…

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