Is Homeschooling Your Calling?

Is homeschooling your calling? I certainly believe it is for me. And over the years this has been important. Believing deep in my heart that God called both Gary and I to homeschool our children has been vital to me. I have been homeschooling for over twenty years now. I still have at least five…


Seasons of Joy: The Battle is the Lord’s

I've been almost two weeks without sugar or sweeteners.  Do you remember last week I wrote about the side effects of giving up sugar?  Now I don't know what constitutes a lot of sugar, but I would have said I ate a lot of it.  In particular at night.  Yet I have not had one…


Seasons of Joy: The Not-So-Sweet Side of Sugar

Every morning this week I have prayed Psalm 141:3 over myself (Psalm 141:3 free printable): Every morning it is the first thing I do.  And every night I thank God for being sentry over my mouth.  This has been so helpful!  It is like I am suddenly not battling this on my own.  Having done…

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