How to Have an (Authentic) Paleontology Dig

It was during a visit to the Natural History museum that I got the idea to have a Paleontology Dig.  We had already excavated cookies, but this time I wanted to make it as true to life as possible.  There was a display at the museum, showing the latest dinosaur discovery in (would you believe…


How to Make Your Own Sedimentary rock

We learnt about sedimentary rock as preparation for the dinosaur dig we would be doing.  We used the pack from TPT entitled Understanding Paleontology: I had A7 read out the reader on Paleontologists included in the pack, which the girls then coloured in: We learnt about sedimentary rock: and filled in a lovely sheet about how…


An Experiment to Demonstrate how Gastroliths Help a Dinosaur Digest its Food

Last week in our dinosaur unit we learnt that Stegosaurus, our dinosaur of the week, was a herbivore and ingested stones known as gastroliths (a bit like hens ingesting gravel), which helped to break down the tough plant material.  This was a glaring opportunity to experiment and investigate a bit further. Equipment for each child…


Fun, Hands On Dinosaur Unit Study: Week 1

Last term we began a really fun unit study on Dinosaurs which is proving to be waaay more popular than I first thought it would.  A7, in particular, would sit and listen to me reading out loud from her dinosaur encyclopedia all day long if I let her.  I don't 😉 Making Dinosaur Dress Up I…


Growing Sibling Relations: Build a Junk Abandtosaurus!

One of my parenting goals has always been to have children who love each other and truly delight in each other.  One way I have found helpful in building these precious relationships is to make sure they have lots of time to just be together.  Obviously, in a family setting this happens naturally, however I…


Dinosaur Party Activities

I was searching through old photos for something or other and came across these ones of a dinosaur birthday party I organised for a niece of ours in Northern Ireland.  Full of fun activities, I thought I would share, especially as there are going to be some dinosaur themed posts following over the next few…

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