Lugalbanda {Book Review}

Lugalbanda, the Boy Who Got Caught Up in a War is the oldest known tale from the ancient Mesopotamia civilisation. Older than 5000 years, it was, at first, passed down through oral tradition. An Englishman called W.K.Loftus discovered Urek in 1849. However, it wasn't until 1888 that an expedition from the University of Pennsylvania uncovered…


DK Eyewitness: Mesopotamia {Book Review}

In this review of DK Eyewitness Mesopotamia I will share my thoughts of this book which is a mainstay in so many homeschool libraries. We have returned to this book time and time again, especially when working on our Ancient Mesopotamia Unit Study. In keeping with most DK Eyewitness books, Mesopotamia is filled with many…

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