Human Trafficking

My daughter, Charlotte, has written two books which have the theme of human trafficking running through them.  This is something she feels strongly about.  I have always known from the time of Charlotte's birth (where she 'should' have died but didn't) that if any of my children would change the world it would be her. …


Unschooling Teens – Questions Anybody?

I don't unschool the younger years.  For starters I never want to miss even one minute of the privilege of seeing my children learn along side me, but also my guys just don't enjoy learning alone when they are young.  I am very hands on up until they become teens.  There are no hard and…


The Blessing of Teens

I have been ill since Sunday night, along with the two little ones.  In fact B4 is now on antibiotics for a nasty ear infection.  I have muddled through school each day in a haze of fever and a very sore throat.  We have pretty much managed to do (almost) everything on that list of…

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