A Very Special Birthday

Yesterday was my son's birthday.  He turned fourteen.  Fourteen!!  Really?  Seriously, how did that happen? T has had a really great year this year.  His hormones and all the related changes have ceased and he seems to have come out of the other side of adolescence relatively unscathed.  He has the most amazing group of…


Precious Memories: Birthday Celebrations

As you all know by now, it was my girls' thirteenth birthday last Friday.  We had a really special day, which I thought I would share. We were up and about in time for Mum to join us at 830 Friday morning.  The girls had requested chocolate croissants for breakfast, so I popped those in…


A letter to my Girls Part Three

I have been shocked by how hard it has been to write to only one of you, instead of to both of you.  I do my best to treat you as individuals rather than as part of a pair but writing this has made me realise just how close you have always been. And this…


A Letter to my Girls Part 2

You were the sweetest natured little girls ever known.  I have heard that twins tend to be easier than singletons and I can confirm from my experience of you two that this is true.  You were always smiling, from the moment you woke: to moment you snuggled down together at night: And all the minutes…


A Letter to my Girls: Part One

The girls have requested a letter just like I wrote for T last year.  Thing is, I have found it hard to write.  I'm not sure why, but I think their twinship has something to do with it.  Anyway, I thought I would start with their story together, which is how they began their life.…

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