Native Australian Dress-Up

The first thing I wanted to do was to make some Native Australian Dress-Up for the little ones to play in.  Even if do say so myself, I was very creative when I made this dress up out of some packaging material which came with a refrigerator part I ordered. Step-by-Step: How to make Native Australian…


Australian Aborigines: The Boomerang and Didgeridoo

This week the children learnt all about the Australian Aboriginal Boomerang and Didgeridoo.  First, they researched the boomerang and Thomas made one.  Next, the little ones played with an authentic didgeridoo.  And finally, we all tried our hands at playing it.  We were not very good.  But we did have a lot of fun trying!…


Australian Aboriginals: Aboriginal cave art and stone art

C13 decided to learn more about Australian Aboriginal Cave Art. Researching Australian Aboriginal Cave Art She spent time researching, wrote a brief paper on it and then went to town creating some of her own.  Here are some of the images she based her art on. Source Australian Aboriginal Cave Art Icons Aboriginal art was…


Australian Aboriginal: The Platypus and Dot Art

This week we learnt all about the platypus and Australian Aboriginal Dot Art.   Australian Aboriginal Dot Art: The Platypus During our morning meeting, I had been reading through Stories from the Billabong: This particular morning I had read the story of why the Platypus is such a special creature.  We learnt that they have…

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