Homeschool Astronomy Presentation

Welcome to our homeschool astronomy presentation! I hope you are sitting comfortably and are ready for the journey of your life... This was one of my most favourite presentations! The children were about seven at the time. We had just finished Apologia Astronomy curriculum. It had given us a taste of just how exciting homeschool…


Astronomy Unit Study: Unit 12 – Pluto and the Kuiper Belt

Pluto and the Kuiper Belt

Pluto and the Kuiper Belt: Reading and Writing The girls read the chapter on Pluto and the Kuiper Belt out between them in some excellent partnership reading: They did lots of copywork: Some vocabulary puzzles and a couple of mini books: Filled in their own arguments for 'Pluto: A Planet or Not?': Pluto and the…


Astronomy Unit Study: Unit Eleven – Uranus and Neptune

We fitting the unit on Uranus and Neptune into one week, but still managed to cram it full to the brim of fun, hands-on activities. Uranus and Neptune: Partnership Reading Usually I rad the lesson out loud to the girls, but some monster head aches this week rendered that impossible. I decided the girls should…


Astronomy Unit Study: Unit Five – Planet Earth

Welcome to unit five of our astronomy studies!  Lately, we have been learning all about Planet Earth. As before, we have been using Apologia’s Exploring Creation with Astronomy. Also, I have access to Everyday Astronomy from School House Teachers, as well as lots of bits and pieces I used with my older ones that I…

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