How to Make Papyrus Paper at Home

Grab some paper, your free printable (see below), Pritt Stick and some scissors and learn how to make papyrus paper at home. This paper is a lovely strong, double-sided paper, which looks really authentic and is very inexpensive to make. We used a reed dipping ink pen to write on it, but any pen (or…


Ancient Roman Villa

We learnt all about an Ancient Roman Villa in the countryside when we read about the comings and goings of siblings Marcus and Julia in 'Spend the Day in Ancient Rome' great activity book for 8-12 year olds: Each morning, I have been reading a chapter from here and then we have been doing any…


City by David Macaulay {Book Review}

City: A Story of Roman Planning and Construction by David Macaulay is an excellent addition to any homeschool library. Published in 1974, it is one of several books which Macaulay has both written and illustrated. With a background in architecture, Macaulay offers precise and masterful drawings to illustrate the intricacies and considerations involved in determining…


How to Make a Roman Amulet

During the Roman Empire girls and boys alike were given amulets shortly after their birth to protect them until adulthood. Both rich and poor were gifted these but a rich child's would be made from gold and a poor child's would be made in leather. Boys had a bulla, which was both protective and symbolic…


Resources for studying the Ancient Romans

We have just started studying the Ancient Romans, which we have never done in our homeschool in any depth before. The last time was when I was pregnant with Becca and on bedrest. I couldn't be as involved as I wanted so I just set the children work everyday. This time we are going to…

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