Summer Reading

Last summer I bought 45 books which were devoured in the first few weeks.  The children are AVID readers and keeping up can be problematic at times.  They are using their hour quiet time to read through their history books to get a head start on the crusades for next term.  I’ll share those at  a later date, in my crusades posts.  They also read for an hour or so before bedtime and for the same in the morning if they’re up early enough.  I asked around, and whilst I’m not that keen on them reading books from the same author (last summer all 45 books were from different authors), I am running out of options.  Gary is beginning to tell everyone that the reason we’re trying to pay off our mortgage is so we can buy a small holding to house our books!  So without further ado here are the books our children are reading this summer:

Redwall series: All three of my older children enjoy this series, of which they already had read a few.  I managed to get the rest of the series for 1p a piece from Amazon.

Love comes softly.jpgLove Comes Softly Series: These are a set of Prairie tales,  about one family’s journey to make a life out on the prairie. They have a very strong Christian message, celebrating life, loyalty and love.  My girls had already read a few of the series so I bought the rest second-hand from Amazon.  They were delighted!

The Sherlock Files: Sherlock’s young relatives discover a notebook containing mysteries he was unable to crack.  This series chronicles their efforts to solve the mysteries themselves.  Last summer the children read book 1 in this four book series and had loved it, so this summer I bought the next three.  These are easy read books, L10 quite literally couldn’t put them down and finished them the day we got them!

The Rani Adventures: This set of books was recommended to us.  I believe it is autobiographical about the author’s life in the jungles of Peru.  They look so good, I’m fairly certain they will find their way into my bath time reading!

With all their Crusader reading as well as Little House rereads, I’m hopeful we’ll have enough to keep them busy over the summer.  If anyone has any great books to recommend, please feel free to, I’d be ever so grateful!