Spring Precious Moments {6th April 2018}

This has been a lovely week.  We have been pretty much free of infection, working at half mast and enjoying the afternoons of free time.  I’d forgotten what it was like to have time to do as I pleased and I have made great strides in my note page making skills, and am thoroughly enjoying pottering away on the computer creating note pages which are specifically meeting my younger girls’ needs.

Speaking of which, the younger ones and I have been storming through their school work this week and enjoying the increase of skills that brings.  Suddenly it has all become a bit easier.  Both are now reading fairly fluently, and both are writing at a speed greater than a snail’s pace, and with that comes more enjoyment and greater productivity.  Poor B7 is exhausted by the end of every day, but happily so.

In between school and bed, the younger girls have spent hours perfecting their ‘invisible ink’ experiment made from grass and water:

Today, we literally have nothing in our fridge bar one red pepper and about six containers of invisible ink.  We may starve to death, but we can write (albeit invisibly) whilst we go down 😉

B7 is delighted that one of her three wobbly teeth are out.  She begs anyone and everyone to have a go at pulling them…

I am next to useless at pulling teeth.  It’s right up there with cleaning up sick.  That is why we live next to my mum, who has absolutely no compunction at ripping out any teeth, wobbly or not!  The children love her 🙂

Thomas has been hunched over his desk for the good part of three hours each morning, but he is getting to spend the afternoon with his girlfriend, who is off for Easter holidays:

Each morning, Lillie practices her ballet dancing exercises:

She is dancing en pointe for the up coming performance of ‘Shoeless’, a retelling of the prodigal son.

She is new to this and needs to strengthen her feet and ankles:

The Littles (who are really not so little anymore!) have been painting each others’ faces to look like cats, at the same time as watching the stage production of Cats and singing along to it 🙂

And spent hours preparing for a presentation all about the ice age (on the stairs!):

They also re-discovered their love of Amelia Bedelia and spent a whole afternoon re-reading them together 🙂

Charlotte has been learning a new skill in the kitchen – making smoothies.  She has a natural flare for which fruit goes best with another fruit.  She made a peach, nectarine and blueberry one this morning without any sugar and it was delish!

I could hear the older girls giggling away about their favourite topic…boys  (or maybe one particular boy…)

Love my gorgeous girls!

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!

Weekly Wrap-Up