Seasons of Joy: The Ripples of a Sugar Free Life

Three weeks sugar free!  Aren’t I doing well?  I’ve been substituting all things sugar laden with fruit.  Sweet fruit.  Expensive fruit.  Fruit, which if I continue to buy at the rate I am will surely bankrupt us.

I have found this remarkably easy though and was even beginning to think I perhaps didn’t have the issue I thought I did.  But I’d then remind myself of the verse I pray every morning and I realise it is not my doing but God’s.  The one morning I forgot I began sniffing the children’s chocolate with the hope I could inhale the sugar without actually eating it.  So, yeah, maybe, just maybe I do have a problem 🙂

What I can see very clearly is that I don’t have a problem with food.  Once sugar is off the table I am only hungry three times a day and only eat four times (I have a bowl of fruit salad with Greek yogurt in the evening which I eat to stave of sugar cravings rather than hunger pangs).  It is interesting to see just how little I think about food now sugar is unavailable to me.  Weird but true.

It has only been three weeks but I kind of feel like this could be a forever thing.  Of course, now I’ve written that I’m going to get the mother of all cravings and cave in….except I don’t think I will.  Even mum said that she felt this time was different from all the other times.  Not that I’ve ever seriously tried to give up all sugar or sweetener sweetened things.  Chocolate, yes, about 1001 times!

I am slowly beginning to see the general benefits to my family.  (Just so you know I think it stinks that the mother is the most influential person in the family.  I have neither a multitude of good habits to extol and share en mass, nor few enough bad habits.  Sigh.)  I have at least two other children contemplating giving up sugar, and certainly the general amount of sugar present in the house is at an all time low.  I am enjoying the odd sugarless baking success.  I made a banana bread sweetened by raisins, which everybody loved (I will share the recipe tomorrow).  Oh, and Gary has lost weight.  Yes, really!  I know I too have lost weight, but he hasn’t given up anything!  I will be sharing my weight loss as well as the other benefits of a sugar free life next week.