Seasons of Joy: Homemade and Homegrown Beauty

Ribbet collageSeasons of Joy

In my quest for a more homey home, Gary and I have been busy making sure all our bits and pieces which we have collected over the years are up on the walls rather than being stuck in a box.  Last Saturday, Gary retrieved his drill from a very disorganised shed and began drilling away to put up my patchwork.  Try to ignore the wonkiness in the patchworking, I’m not terribly good at it 🙂


Regardless of the wonkiness, I still love it!  We also had a large wooden plaque which we had bought the last time we were in Northern Ireland.  Gary found the perfect place for it and for our old tapestry:

Ribbet collageox14

He also hung up our stars from the window frame, which spell out F A I T H:


He also put up our mugs which we had bought a few months ago.  We are beginning to host a weekly youth group for years ten and above.  Apparently there are 22 in this particular group so, in preparation, we stocked up on mugs (we didn’t have enough mugs for even half that amount!).  We won’t have anywhere to seat them but at least they will have a hot drink!  I love the mugs, and really love how they look in our kitchen:

Ribbet collageox8

Whilst Gary was busy drilling holes, I was outside picking flowers.  I love flowers but I adore wild flowers:

Ribbet collageox9

Aren’t they just beautiful?  We decorated the table with them (we were having guests round):


and I also picked a few more for our mantel piece:


Beautiful and free…



How have you made life beautiful this week?