Seasons of Joy {August 2022 Edition}

vintage watch old glasses

❤️ The Comings and Goings of Claire ❤️

Four Frogs. We have four new residents in our little garden pond. The children have named them, but the names are so ridiculous I can’t bring myself to tell you!

Gary bought a sort of grass or perhaps a type of reed (I’m not really sure). It’s long and stands up proudly waving at anyone who passes by. If you should be in our garden, next to the pond, take a little peak between the blades of grass poking out of the water. You’ll most likely see four little frog heads poking out of the water.

frog on water

I try and have at least one of my morning coffees out by the pond. I adore the sound of water, and Gary has successfully installed a lovely waterfall.

Nothing is more peaceful than sitting drinking a hot coffee whilst watching the frogs and listening to the rustle of the water grass in symphony with the trickling water. Ahhh. Happy sigh.

devotion book with book mark

New Bookmark. Many years ago, my lovely friend Nik gave me a beautiful bookmark. I used it in my daily devotion book until, about six months ago, I lost it. I looked everywhere, even moving my huge bed to look underneath. But to no avail. Yesterday, I bought myself a new one. I love it so much!

laundry hanging on a clothes line

A Present from my Beloved. Gary came home a week ago with a long package all wrapped up. He declared he had bought a gift for me, and then disappeared. Of course, I trailed after him. A gift? For me? I could hardly contain myself! I was so excited.

That excitement lasted all of about a minute and a half, as Gary banged a pole into the ground. A spinning washing line. Yes, my present was a spinning washing line.

To make matters worse, Gary nonchalantly told me that from now on this would be our mode of drying clothes and that he had unplugged the drier. It was forbidden fruit from now on.

A washing line, people! Never have I been so disappointed. Except maybe when the same beloved bought me a play drill for Christmas, after I had begged for a real one. Gary felt I wasn’t mature enough for a real one so he bought a plastic play one (!) I was so disappointed, I almost cried!

That said, this week I have been pegging things out in the cool of the morning, and rushing out to bring it all in again just a few short minutes later. English weather, huh? Apart from playing the Hokeycokey with the wet laundry, I’ve learnt that having a line to dry the clothes on is the outdoor equivalent to having a whistling kettle which heats up on the stove. Neither are practical and both are as slow as watching paint dry, but maybe therein lies their beauty.

A few minutes of peace, all by myself, listening to the birds and the bees and wondering how long it will take for the British weather to change its mind and rain (again). Then grinning to myself, as I secretly hope it will be soon, so I can come back out and languish in the company of nature once more ❤️

Our Cosy Kitchen. I love our little home. It’s age, its beams and its nooks and crannies. But over the last few years it has been looking a little run down – a consequence of us all being around 24/7.

I always take a month off over summer, and usually spend that time decluttering. This year I decided to paint the house. I suspect I was being a little ambitious.. I have a couple of weeks left and I’ve not even done a quarter. I’m chuffed by what I have done though.

The first was the kitchen, which I painted and decluttered! I also asked Gary to put up a couple of shoe racks and a sign I had made especially to go over the doorway:

Kitchen newly painted

It reads Jesus Bless this House in Latin. I got the idea for it from the book, The Theology of Home. The authors describe a centuries-old tradition of ‘chalking the door’ otherwise known as the Epiphany Blessing. Carried out on the feast of Epiphany, the threshold of the door is marked using chalk with the year and the letters C, M, and B (Christus mansionem benedicat).

I had just learnt to burn wood, so I decided to break with tradition and asked Gary to rub down some old wood which was lying in the garden. He cut it down to the perfect size to go over the entrance of the threshold. I then burnt the Latin words into it and oiled the wood. Gary hung it up for me last week. Isn’t it beautiful? I love that every guest walks under it and is symbolically blessed. ❤️

Upstairs Loo. Over the years, and in every home we have ever lived in, I have painted the walls with a lovely homely yellow. I think yellow is such a warm, welcoming and happy colour. On the odd occasion I choose not to, I always regret it.

This was the case with the upstairs loo which I had painted white a few years ago. Every time I used it, I thought how cold and uninviting it was. So when I decided to paint this summer, the upstairs loo was a priority.

I had kept a sunflower panel of sheer material from Lillie’s old room, knowing that I could use it at the bathroom window. I had also bought some yellow towels and an orange rug. The pale yellow looks so welcoming, and with the sunflower voile and the fact I cleaned and decluttered everywhere, makes me want to spend more and more time in there.

Over the next couple of weeks, I want to paint the hallway upstairs and down, organise a coat hanging area under the stairs and make my pantry way more organised than it is at the moment.

If I have the time, I also want to paint the living room, which in all honesty is the worst room in the house, with peeling paint and the remnants of years of homeschool sticking to its walls.

One thing at a time. After all, Rome wasn’t built in a day!