Response to ‘A Few Thoughts…’

I was slightly overwhelmed by the care and support given in response to my post about us moving to a bought curriculum.  You have all given me so much food for thought and I appreciate it more than you can know that you all went to such trouble to share your own choices.

This past week has been all about the children finishing off their projects for this term and me looking at curriculum for after Christmas.  I will be checking out each and every curriculum you were all so kind to write about in your comments.

As it stands we are going to continue with our maths curriculum (Galore Park) and I have just ordered a writing curriculum from America which has cost $79 just to post it here!

A couple of days ago I asked the children to sit down and write a list of everything they were interested in learning come the New Year.  I have been blown away by their responses which include a very eclectic mix of financial management, home making and photography as well as the expected history and biology.  In total I have over 20 subjects between them to fit into our week.  I’m not convinced next year is going to be any easier after all, curriculum or not!

What I have noticed is that we will be doing lots of different things each day.  We have never had this type of variety in our school and it is quite exciting to imagine!

Although there is a phenomenal amount of curriculum out there, I am quite enjoying perusing through it all, particularly whilst I am looking for resources to use for their more unusual courses.

We will now have a week off before beginning our new term, which will be all about Native Americans.  Thank you once again for all your help and lovely comments, the support I get from this blogging community is priceless!