Renewed, Refreshed and Reinvigorated

The treasure at the end of the rainbow?  Northern Ireland, of course!
The treasure at the end of the rainbow? Northern Ireland, of course!

Hello everyone!

You may (or may not) have noticed my blog has been a little quiet of late.  There is a reason for this.  I’ve been on a glorious, relaxing holiday staying with Gary’s parents in what might be the most beautiful country ever created (Northern Ireland).  I made myself take no books, work, school stuff or anything else vaguely related to work of any kind.  Gary’s mum and dad made a huge effort to make sure Gary and I had a holiday; the children blessed us by doing their normal chores.  This meant that I did nothing for two weeks.  Absolutely nothing.  I felt like a lady.  I didn’t cook, clean, school plan, school.  I did however socialize, relax, read (I’ve not read for pleasure for such a long time), lie on my bed thinking many, many thoughts all the way through to their conclusion without being interrupted 101 times.  It was glorious!  Thank you so much Tom and Heather, Gary and I were really blessed.

The children met up with cousins they haven’t seen for 2 1/2 years and enjoyed their extended family thoroughly!  We all enjoyed fellowship with family and close friends, everyone pulling out all stops to make our visit special.  Thank you all so much, it was so appreciated.

Loving our second home.
Loving our second home.

It takes two days travel to get there and two days back, but it is so very worth it.  We wearily returned to our home early last night, after a six-hour drive, slept like the dead and all seven of us were raring to go this morning.

I am so looking forward to this year learning along side my family.  I truly do feel renewed, refreshed and reinvigorated!

Thank you to everyone who left a message or emailed me, expressing concern.  All is very well indeed, but I so appreciate your concern!  I’ll return to normal postings on Monday.  Have a great weekend everyone!