Questions anyone?

First he made a fence around a small area of our garden, to partition some space off for picnics and the such.  An area the children will not be allowed to play in.

You may, or may not, have noticed I’ve been absent of late.  Last weekend I had a cold which went straight to my sinus’.  Sinus infections are very sore.  So whilst I haven’t been terribly ill, by any stretch of the imagination, I have been in pain.  So I took the week off from everything.  The children have been doing minimal school work and we have been having a bit of a spring clean.  We are due to break for Easter Holiday for two weeks tomorrow, which seems to have come round remarkably quickly this year 🙂  Surely we have only just returned from half term holidays?


Hopefully I’ll get back to normal posting next Monday.  Spring is making me all warm and fuzzy about cottage-y stuff and I have been pinning away heaps of ideas which I will force myself to make time for over the next six months or so. DSC_0950

I have had a few emails asking for posts about how I encourage sibling relationships and discourage squabbling, a post about chore training (!) and another reader has asked my take on dating (!!) (I have added exclamation marks because I believe my thoughts on these things may very well be worthless, having very low standards on tidiness and cleanliness and being very new to the whole dating thing!).  However, I shall endeavour to take the time to attempt to write something.  Are there any other questions out there?  I’ve got two weeks worth of holiday posts to fill up, so if there is a burning question you are desperate to ask, please do.  I promise I will answer anything reasonable…… (Lorna, don’t even think about it 🙂  )

In the mean time I will go back to spring cleaning, and, of course, pinning about all things country and cottage-like.  Have a lovely weekend everyone 🙂