Precious Moments #3

Precious Moments

Every week I organise a full week of enjoyment for my little ones.  I don’t want to let even a moment slip by out of my reach without my actions or my words speaking love to my family.  The older children absorb my enthusiasm, I think, and throw themselves, very unselfishly into making sure their little sister’s days are filled to the brim with delightful activity.  This week I thought it was about time I planned something special just for them.  A surprise.  The plan was to get the littles into bed  (they are in bed and asleep by 6.30pm), then we sent the older one’s upstairs early to read – we said we felt they needed an early night!!

I quickly put together a small hot chocolate bar, using my Granny’s heirloom china and a slow cooker:

I had made chocolate spoons by melting chocolate and dipping plastic spoons into it, then dipping them into marshmallows, butterscotch pieces and fudge pieces:


The stove in the fireplace was lit, the mantlepiece festooned with twinkle lights I’d rescued from the Christmas storage box (because everything is more special with twinkly lights!), and a few candles lit, the room was ready:


Gary converted the sofa bed to a huge bed with plump cuddly cushions thrown in for good measure.  I then called the children to the top of the stairs and asked them quietly to grab their duvets and pillows and bring them downstairs.  Not having a clue what was going on, but guessing it was something special there was much whispered excitement as they tip toed downstairs and crept into the living room:


Their reaction was everything I could have hoped for!  I made up some hot chocolates with whipped cream and chocolate shavings, and served them with a chocolate spoon for stirring:


With a roaring fire heating up the room, we snuggled down under flickering candlelight and twinkling lights, sinking into the sea of cushions and duvets, cosy and warm to watch an episode of Christmas Poirot.  It was one of those magical, hold it in your heart moments:

See that tiny little space in the middle?  That belonged to me.  Squashed inbetween my wonderful family.  Just the place to be on a cold wintry night!
See that tiny little space in the middle? That belonged to me. Squashed in-between my rather special family. Just the place to be on a cold wintry night!

So thankful for this life of mine.