Precious Moments: Final Edition

This is going to be my last Precious Moments post.

It seems to me that the government are tightening their belts in terms of home education.

And I think it might be a good idea to change my Precious Moments post into a more formal record of the girls work throughout the week. I don’t know if the law will ever be changed but I want to be ready if it does.

So…as of next week I will be writing an in-depth record of what my girls have learnt in the preceding week.

Last week we were mainly finishing up work before the half term. Becca has almost finished her spelling book and grammar book. She’ll definitely finish them before the term is out. She has continued with two maths lessons a day from Conquer Maths. She is a strong maths student but lacks confidence to do it independently, so I sit by her. She has been learning about equivalencies and has enjoyed it and understood it so far.

Becs also completed one of her Scribbler Boxes:

We went through all the resources, read up about the artist and then she tried to copy the art piece:

How great is that? She’s only ten and has absolutely no idea how good she is (she always comes to me disappointed with what she has done).

Abigail has been reading Madame Doubtfire by Anne Fine for her English work and completed a comprehension piece on it, which she received 80% for. She has also been doing two conquer maths lessons a day, which she does independently. Abs is also learning Spanish with Wolsey Hall and handed in her third assignment and received a 78% for it.

As part of her Textiles qualification she had to design a set of three cards, make a mock up of one of them and then give a presentation to a craft shop owner:

As part of the unit, she needed to learn all about colour theory:

Becs is also learning calligraphy and does two pages a day:

The girls wanted to celebrate Valentine’s day this year with a couple of their friends (they called in ‘Galentine’s!). Unfortunately I got absolutely no photos of the actual party but I did snap a couple of the decorations before they took them down the next day:

I’ve become really lazy with my photo taking these days. I am so busy actually doing the homeschooling, taking care of the house and squeezing in all the hours needed to complete my master’s that I seem to forget all about actually recording what we all do.

Speaking of which, my youngest always looks after me whilst I am studying, making sure I have a steady stream of tea and snacks:

One last thing before I go. When we had our kitchen top replaced a few years ago, the men needed to cut a hole in the wood for the sink. I kept that piece of wood to make a chopping board. Well, last week I changed my mind. It was so big I thought it would make a great craft board. So Gary rubbed down the corners for me, and I burnt tiny hearts into it:

And then oiled it:

I’m so pleased by the result and I know I will get lots of use out of it in the years to come:

I hope you are all having a wonderful half term!