Precious Moments {August 2022}

The past month has been fairly relaxed as we learnt about the Romans and just enjoyed being with each other. Back in May, Becca had asked if she could throw a summer slumber party. I do my best to say yes as much as I can to any ideas the girls might have, and they had assured me that they would do all the work, it would all be outside and they would pay for everything.

Over the next three months they both worked tirelessly for me around the house, and for Granny in the garden, plotting and planning exactly how they wanted the party to go.

Poor Becca did her utmost to accommodate all the people she wanted to attend, but try as she might, she was unable to come up with a date which suited everyone. In the end, she chose the one which suited the most people and sent out invitations. Becs decided she wanted to have a Hawaiian themed party.

She painted a sign, hung up all sorts of decorations, and asked her Charlotte and family friend Hannah to join in and help out with making mocktails:

The girls bought and paid for a huge swimming pool, and Gary put up our three ‘bedroom’ tent, where the girls would all be sleeping:

I didn’t get very many photos of the party but here are the few I managed…

Even Harv joined in!

They all had so much fun just being together. So much giggling ❤️

Some even joined us for waffles the next morning:

So many lovely girls (and boy!)

Lillie is due flying home tomorrow (although as it is from America, we pick her up on Thursday morning). I can not wait to see her! We are all so excited ❤️. Charlotte is also doing really well (and also can’t wait to get her twin back!). She has started on her next book, is looking forward to going back to university and is enjoying life very much at the moment. Thomas is also a happy Chappy. He has found a lovely flat to rent, close to his work and with not only a bedroom but also a separate smaller room which can be used to house all his music stuff. For a while it looked like the only place he’d be able to afford would be a studio flat without any bedroom at all. He is chuffed with the one he’s managed to find and is moving in the beginning of September. He popped by yesterday and I managed to get a photo of my eldest with my youngest:

My two Gingernuts 😁

Another month of creating beautiful memories ❤️