Precious Moments

We began back at school full throttle this week and it has gone very well.  Everyone has done maths each morning for an hour, with C12 and L12 both scoring high on their end of topic tests.

A6 continues to read with mum.  She will start some copy work over there as well.  A6 has a major concentration issue and works 100% better at mum’s house where there are absolutely no distractions.

B4 has started school with me and we are enjoying our 1-2-1 time together each morning whilst the older ones do maths.  We are moving much slower through letter learning than I thought we would but she is getting there and having lots of fun:

Ribbet collageletterb2

The rest of our week was spent looking at Renaissance class system.  The girls created a portfolio of classes by dressing up for each one.  Here is the beggar class portrayed by L12, begging in rags:

Ribbet collagesocialstructure6

They also made a poster about social mobility during the renaissance:


The rest of the week has been spent on the Exploration Age.  We are currently doing an in depth explorer study on Christopher Columbus so whilst we were learning more about ships we created his ship the Santa Maria:

Ribbet collageww2

We also made a captain’s log book:


and learnt how sailors during the renaissance figured out what speed they were going, by making our own Chip Log:

Ribbet collageknots3

In addition we created our very own half hour sand glass so we could approximately tell when each half hour passed aboard ship:


The older children also finished off their Atlantic study by answering a GCSE English paper which just happened to be on the polar regions.  They did it under exam conditions over a period of two days.  It has been a fantastic opportunity for me to see their strengths and weaknesses when placed under exam conditions and I know far better now where to direct their learning in this area.

As always we have been having lots of fun away from the school books.  A6 has spent almost all week making a theater and puppets to go into it.  All. By. Herself.  I was so impressed by, not only the imagination it took to do it but the concentration it took for hours at a time to complete it:

Ribbet collageww4

It has given me huge hope for the future of her education as she rarely concentrates on anything for longer than 2 minutes.  I was a very proud mummy!  Of course once she saw the fun her big sister was having, B4 wanted in on it, asking me to find her a box so she too could make a puppet theater.  Again she had no help and I think for a four year old she did a grand job:

Ribbet collageww3

The gardening frenzy has continued with T and the little ones planting bulbs for Granny, moving plants around and drying bay leaves:

Ribbet collageww1

As you can see it has been glorious weather here, just right for getting sprayed with the hose and bicycling:

Ribbet collageww5

A6 was the only child not to receive a new bike on account of the fact the girls old bike was still okay for her to use.  It did need stabilisers though as she has not yet learnt to ride without (she is very close).  Gary fixed her stabilisers to L’s old bike yesterday and she has been attached to it ever since:

Ribbet collageww7

The other big news is that T13 has got his braces fitted:

Ribbet collageww6

The other (slightly revolting) picture of C12 is of her tongue having tried out T’s disclosing tablets.  She was fascinated by the fact they turned her tongue the exact colour of her jumper!

The last couple of photos are me trying to keep a promise to myself and include more photos of me:


In the second photo A6 has just given me a wet sloppy kiss:


Happy days!


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