Precious Moments

This is just a quick post today. Most of this week has been spent relaxing and doing a bit of the dreaded housework 😇

Last weekend, Ads and Charlotte hid chocolate eggs around the garden for the rest of the ‘children’. Then the littles re-hid them so the adults could find them!

Then we all snuggled down together to watch some old episodes of The Good Life and eat our eggs:

Although it seemed our littlest had stolen most of them!

Apart from food related activities nothing much else happened this week. We are trying out a gluten free diet for Charlotte to see if getting rid of gluten might reduce her seizures which are now currently looking like tics… I made a heap of gluten free granola and ordered a box full of organic veg and an organic chicken. We’re hoping that keeping it healthy and clean, we might be able to do our bit at getting Charlotte’s ill health under control.

We are back at school next week and we are all looking forward to learning more about the Great War.
Have a wonderful weekend everyone ❤️