Precious Moments

Apologies if this was posted twice or you received duplicate copies.  When I posted it the first time it came up with a 2nd September date, which was wrong.  So I reposted.  With the correct date.  I hope.  Not sure though….don’t really know what I’m doing half the time!

This week started off with a bang with A turning 6 and us hosting a Little Miss Splendid’s Spa themed birthday party for her:


I worked incredibly hard to get it done in time and had barely recovered by Saturday night when we had a 50th birthday party to go to.  The three older children were asked to serve at the party so had to look smart.  T12 didn’t own a pair of black trousers (the theme was white and black) so we took in a bag of stuff to the Red Cross and received £2 to spend in their shop which we promptly did on a pair of black trousers!  I thought they looked amazingly grown up so had to capture it of film:





DSC_0051specialBy Sunday B3 sounded as if she was coming down with something chesty.  Ever since she had Scarlett Fever she seems a little run down and catches cold type infections really easily.  T was on the case though!  He researched which herbs would be helpful from one of his many herbology books and went into the garden in search of them.  He then proceeded to run in a lovely hot bath for B3 and also boiled the kettle for some inhalation bowls.  He placed lots of herbal inhalation bowls on stools and sideboards around the bathroom:

Ribbet collagebathI know he’s my son, but isn’t he just incredibly kind?  B3 definitely enjoyed the attention as she asked for another herby bath the next day!

Monday saw us beginning our Native American studies with the fun unveiling of all the resources they would be using over the next few months:
Ribbet collagenatamweek1

We also begun our read alouds of a Native American history book and the first book in the Birch Bark House Series during our morning meeting:

Current read alouds

This immediately led to much pretend play, building a tepee (of sorts) in the garden which has over the course of the week turned into a wigwam (!) and beginning some weaving on a loom:

Ribbet collagenatamweek1-3
We really have had a very good school week this week. We’ve done a stack of hands on stuff as well as lots of written work, reading, narrations, research and playing. It has been a perfect balance.  Here’s a collage of snippets of our week but I will be posting more in-depth posts next week:

Ribbet collagefrifri

Classes have begun for all the children with T12 fencing, C11 singing  lessons and L11 continuing with gymnastics and A6 beginning gymnastics and continuing with swimming lessons:

Little B3 is a bit young for formal classes (although she does do swimming lessons once a week) but she enjoys running off steam at the soft play area each day:

Ribbet collagesoftplay

And I shall leave you with one last picture of B3 trying to click her fingers.  Each time she ‘clicked’ her fingers together she made a clucking noise with her tongue.  Cute, no?


I am so blessed.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend with much love and laughter filling the hours.

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